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It was back in the mid 1990's when I was writing my first novel that I came up with this minor character who you'd commonly see in a tavern sharing some wild stories while carrying a big sword on his belt. He would be inclined to drink too much and get into some major brawls. Later when I was wanting to write some short stories I figured this guy would make a great protagonist.

Thus Fist La'brau was born. the curly headed miner and fighter stumbled onto the scene capable of handling any sort of physical problem he was confronted with. I started writing with one of the most talked about tale still, "The World's Rim" which was a bizarre voyage that tests Fist's physical and mental prowess.

Since then, Fist La'brau has been a staple of JWH Fantasy and drives most of the stories I write these days. I will probably keep writing him until I fill he's done all damage he can do.

I have always had a passion for work that allows the mind to escape to places only the imagination could take you. With my works of fantasy, I hope you find these uniquely penned stories to be that sort of material for you.

I grew up in the jewel of southwest Oklahoma where you could see amazing sites everyday if you just take the time to look closely enough. The unique landscapes offered by the Wichita Mountains, the wildlife that stalks those rugged hills and scrub forests, and the most incredible sunsets you may ever witness. I believe in the creation and from it a mindspring of ideas flow.


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J. Wade Harrell